Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We moved into this house on July 1st, 2005. We knew from day one that we were signed a 3 year lease and then we would be moving on. The military family that we rent from was stationed in Italy and there tour there was to be 3 years and then he was retiring and their family was coming back to this house. That was the plan and that is what we have had our minds set on. We started looking into houses and other rentals in the area in anticipation of the move to be coming in June. We were getting a little discouraged about what we were going to be able to get for the same amount that we are paying now. Right now, we really have the perfect set-up. We are on 3 acres of land. We have plenty of room in our house and are a little bit out of town, yet still close to everything and in the best school district around. So, just when we were really starting to wonder where God was leading us we got an email from our landlords. The email stated that he made rank while they were in Italy and he is not going to retire just yet. They are sending them on one more duty station before he will be retiring. So, that allows us to stay put!!! We were very excited about not having to move. Praise the Lord for working everything out!

School Boys

I just wanted to share some photos of the boys on their first day of school. Jakob started 1st grade and is doing so well. He is getting straight A's and we are so proud of him. Jaden started kindergarten and LOVES school so very much. He adores his teacher and is doing very well. He is reading so well!!! I am just so impressed by how much he has learned and the year isn't even over.