Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chocolate Strawberry Pie

So, I made a yummy pie for some friends tonight and it was delicious! I wanted to include the recipe for all of those who were interested in making it. The recipe came from a wonderful place called Miss Aimee B's Tea House in St. Charles, MO. If you are ever in the area it is a great place to eat.

Ingredients: Oreo Cookie Crust, 1 cup Semi-sweet chocolate chips, 1 (8oz) cream cheese, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1 Tsp. vanilla, 12 oz Cool Whip (thawed in refrigerator), 1 quart fresh Strawberries, 1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Filling: Melt chocolate chips in the top of a double boiler or in the microwave, cool slightly. Beat Cream Cheese until light and fluffy with electric mixer. Add brown sugar and vanilla, mix well. Add chocolate to the cream cheese mixture. Mix Well. Fold in the cool whip. Mix again. Spoon filling into the crust. Smooth out top. Cover tightly and chill at least 8 hours.

To finish the pie, wash strawberries, pat dry, and cut lengthwise into 1/8 inch slices. Arrange around the outside edge of the pie. Make a second row, overlapping the first. Continue overlapping rows until the pie has been covered. Heat the 1/4 cup chocolate and drizzle over the berries. Chill and Serve the same day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday evening was an eventful one. I had plans to paint some Vacation Bible School props with a friend so my family headed into Mascoutah to grab a bite to eat at McDonald's before I was to meet her. We ordered our food and the manager came out and said that she was locking the doors because a tornado had been spotted and was headed our direction. She said we could either leave right then or come to the back and stay put until it passed. So we trotted our family of five to the back of the store and into the deep freeze! It was a nice June day so were decked out in shorts, and flip flops and needless to say we were FREEZING! The staff was nice enough to offer us all jackets and we waited out the storm. When we were released we found golf ball sized hail and some minor damage to our cars. I had decided it probably wouldn't be a good idea to keep my plans for painting at church so we headed home to find our road completely closed down because the tornado had hit right there. Not knowing what we were going to go home to we got closer and just saw more devastation. Our home was in perfectly fine shape when we arrived Thank God, but we were without power. We checked on Bailee, who road the storm out alone and then headed to Matt's parents for the night. It is now Tuesday evening and we do have power at our house now. We feel very blessed to have a home to sleep in because there are many around us who don't.