Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Update!

Well, hello everyone!!! It's been a while. Life has changed quite a bit for us in the past week, let along 2 months since I posted last. The biggest change is that we have moved into a different house. We spent the last almost 5 years in our home and finally decided to move into town closer to the school and friends. It has been a huge adjustment from living out on our own with tons of privacy to a neighborhood with half a million kids zooming everywhere. Jakob, Jaden, and Jameson are learning neighborhood ettiquite slowly. Learning that our rules are the ones that matter and not what every other child on the block is doing. Learning to actually look both ways before just darting out into the road on bikes and scooters. Those are some things that you sort of don't have to worry about when you live out on acreage and don't have to worry about ever being on the road. We are enjoying the extra space in the actual house though. Each boy has their own room and they are loving that. I am enjoying my garage which we have never had in our married life. It's the little things!

Another big change is coming on Saturday, April 17th. We are going to be welcoming Miss Khloe the Old English Sheepdog into our home. We can hardly wait to go pick her up. We have all the shopping done in preparation for her arrival and are hoping that she fits right into our lives. I will try to keep this blog updated better in the coming months. Until next time....