Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's been a while

So sorry I have been away from my blog so long. I guess I should catch everyone who reads/cares up to date on what is going on in our lives.
*we moved into a new home in April 2010 and are loving the home, space, neighbors, and in town living.
*we got a new puppy named Khloe in April as well just a couple weeks after we moved into our new place. She is not so little anymore. Khloe keeps us busy, active, and laughing (most days). Some days we find ourselves wondering what in the world we were thinking! We love our fluffy little angel as Jakob calls her and really wouldn't have it any other way.
*We spent the summer enjoying neighborhood life. The boys got to be really good friends with several children that live close.
*Jakob started 4th grade and likes his teacher really well. We have had some academic struggles and are sorting all that out and hoping to get some help for our son really soon.
*Jaden started 3rd grade and got the teacher that he was hoping for. He has many great friends in his class and is doing really well. Getting A's and B's without much effort. We can only imagine what his grades would be like if he put forth an ounce of effort. We are very proud of him though.
*Jameson is in Pre-School 3 days a week and is having so much fun!!! He loves his teacher and the new friends in his class. We are working with him on writing and coloring because those are the things he struggles with.
*Jakob and Jaden are playing football for the Little Indians and having a complete blast. They are surprising us with how aggressive and talented they are on the football field. There team is improving an they are really exciting to watch. I am going to be sad when the season is over.

So that brings us up to date. The things on our plate for October are DISNEY WORLD!!!! We cannot wait to share this experience with our sons. I have not been to Disney World since I was 7 years old and I remember that time like it was yesterday. What a wonderful childhood memory! Jaden and Jameson will be flying on a plane for the first time ever and they are totally excited about that. I will be sure to post pictures of our time there. Until next time and hopefully that won't be so long this time.