Friday, September 11, 2009

August and September Update

Well I have officially been away from my blog long enough. I really need to update this thing and get back on track. Pictures will have to come later, but at least I can let you know what has been happening with our little family.

The boys are back to school which you know from my earlier post. Jaden is doing wonderfully and seems to be doing fine with his teacher. The past 2 days he has been on yellow for behavior which is odd for him, not at home, but at school he is usually on his very best behavior. Thursday for talking during a Math Test and today for allegedly playing with soap in the bathroom which he will go to his grave denying. Nothing too major, but we don't want to make a habit of this. :) Jakob on the other hand has been struggling since day 1. Poor guy, just hasn't been able to get his feet on the ground this year. He has been having trouble staying attentive while Mrs. Mondy is teaching and his organization skills are lacking so far. His grades are really rough too and we aren't even through the first month. Matt and I will be meeting with his teacher this coming week to see what's going on. By the way, the only reason I mention this is because he will not be reading this blog! We try never to compare the academics of one child to the next because it just isn't fair. They each learn differently and are completely separate individuals. We are hoping we can get this all figured out.

The end of August our littlest member of the family turned 3! He has been such a joy to us for the past 3 years and keeps us giggling with his personality. We celebrated his birthday with many friends and family members with a fun pool party. That party was also to celebrate our oldest child Jakob too. He will be turning 9 on Monday the 14th. That is equally as hard to believe. Seem just like yesterday that we were welcoming him into the world at 6 lbs. 12 oz. What a little tiny baby he was and is now about 70 lbs and almost as tall as his Nana.

Matt will also be celebrating a birthday on Sunday the 13th. I am sure his celebration will consist of a weekend full of FOOTBALL!!!! We love this time of year. In other Matthew news...he recently started a part time job with a contract on base, General Dynamics. He is working an extra 20 hours a week some weeks it is 4-midnight a couple nights a week. The off weeks he works from 3:30-7:30am all 5 days. He is still trying to get his sleep schedule all worked out, but seems to be doing really well with it. Just a few more classes left toward his degree and about 6 more months left in the Air Force and our lives will be changing again.

and the momma of this busy crew :

  • Homework duty with the older boys in the evenings.
  • Playing with the youngest member during the day!
  • working at church a couple days a week
  • trying to keep my house in order and meals prepared in the evenings.
  • volunteering at school with whatever needs to be done.
So that is life in the season that we are in!