Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Week

Yesterday was one week since Bailee passed away. It seems like she has been gone for so long. We continue to miss her so much. I miss her climbing in bed, underneath the covers to warm up my feet while I sleep. I miss her curling up next to me on our chair while I surf the internet. I miss her begging to go outside to get some fresh air and check out her neighborhood doggie friends.

Jakob wants to find a new route to church so we don't have to pass the vet. Jaden doesn't want any beds unmade b/c the bumps underneath the covers remind him of Bailee. Jameson asks without thinking when we walk in from being gone, "Where's Bailee?"

We will be getting another puppy this Spring after we move, but nothing will replace our sweet Bailee girl.


albert said...

Sorry the boys are having such a rough time. It's hard for kids to loose a pet. Some of our kids were really mad at the Animal clinic for a while when Apollo got put to sleep. Hopefully they will enjoy a new puppy this spring, even though I'm sure they'll still miss Bailee terribly.