Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Pictures

Easter Fun

Happy Easter

Here is an excerpt from a wonderful children's Bible...

They nailed Jesus to the cross.

"Father, forgive them, " Jesus gasped. "They don't understand what they are doing."

"You say you have come to rescue us!" people shouted. "But you can't even rescue yourself!"

But they were wrong. Jesus could have rescued himself. A legion of angels would have flown to his side-if he'd called.

"If you were really the Son of God, you could just climb down off that cross!" they said.

And of course they were right. Jesus could have just climbed down. Actually, he could have just said a word and made it all stop. Like when he healed the little girl. And stilled the storm. And fed 5000 people.

But Jesus stayed.

You see, they didn't understand. It wasn't the nails that kept Jesus there.

It was love.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cardinals Game

Our family received 4 free tickets to the Cardinals/Pirates game last night from the Cub Scouts. Nana and Papaw stayed home with Jameson as the game didn't start until 7:15pm and it would have been way too late. We set out on the Metro Link and climbed the stadium to the very top, literally!! We bundled up in our coats, gloves, and scarves because it was a brisk night. The Cardinals won the game and we had a blast!

Kari's Daybook

Outside my window~ uncut grass my van
I am thinking~ I need to go blow dry my hair and put some make-up on.
I am thankful for~my boys and all that they bring to our family.
From the learning rooms~ to take every thought captive!
From the kitchen~ there are dishes to be done, but all in all it's not too bad.
I am wearing~ jeans, a sweater and my new Premier Jewelry!
I am creating~ Jameson's scrapbook exclusively. I am trying to get caught up!
I am going~ to dinner with my family and then to a staff meeting this evening.
I am reading~ The Bible...Revelation to be exact.
I am hoping~ for a fun and relaxing Spring Break starting this afternoon.
I am hearing~ my littlest singing in his bed trying to get to sleep.
Around the house~ toys, toys and more toys. We need to pare down!!!!
One of my favorite things~ spending time with my husband after the kids go to bed at night.
A few plans for the rest of the week~ Thursday spending with my boys, Friday friends are coming over to play, Saturday spending the day with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephews, Sunday spending Easter Sunday with my church family and then going to my mom and dad's for Easter Lunch!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The past week in pictures!

Jakob and Jaden playing Bakugan while Jameson watches on.

Daddy helping Jameson carry the paper towels in from our grocery trip. He is such a great helper!!!

Having fun with friends and MOON SAND!!!!

Jakob waiting to be baptized on Sunday March 29th. We are so proud of his decision!